Amazing Variety Of Spices & Dry Fruits

Kiwi fruit contains important minerals

Dried kiwi fruit is a good source of calcium and iron. That makes it a great snack for growing kids and active adults. The dried fruit contains enough calcium to help improve the density and strength of your bones and a single fruit can provide up to 4% of your total daily requirement for calcium.

Green Raisins

Raisins contain healthy vitamins and minerals. They are also fat-free and cholesterol-free, high in antioxidants, and an excellent source of fiber.


Saffron is a spice from the Crocus sativus flower, which is a cousin of the lily. The saffron derives from the stigma and styles — called threads — within the flower itself.Saffron is very expensive due to the difficulty of harvesting it. Farmers must harvest the delicate threads from each flower by hand.They then heat and cure the threads to bring out the flavor of the saffron. This extra labor makes saffron one of the most expensive spices in the world.

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