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Cold Pressed Coconut Hair Oil

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VVALERIAN Cold Pressed Coconut  Hair Oil

Condition: Authentic, Clean.

Packaging: Vvalerian Products comes in our Branded Packaging. Fresh oil that is hygienically packed in facility meeting FSSAI food safety standards

Preparation and Usage: Pure Coconut Oil  is prepared from drying coconut kernel and by cold pressed techniques with wooden machine setup. The Cold Pressed Coconut oil is packed naturally without undergoing any refine process.   It can be applied to hair & skin which will prevent hair loss and protects from sunlight rays.

Delivery Time: 2 – 7 Working Days based on the distance.

Storage Directions: Store in Cool & dry places. Don’t refrigerate

For bulk orders (15 Kg or above), please send mail to or call us on +91 78421236875.

Pack Sizes

500ml, 1ltr


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